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Saturn in 8th house of Kundli. 8th house is the house of Longevity and Saturn is the significator of Longevity. So placement of Saturn in 8th house is good regarding Longevity. When you have Saturn in 8th house of your Horoscope, it will bless you with a long life. It will also make you very Hard working.The stellium in the image above is from December 1988 when there was a huge amount of planets in Capricorn. In this particular natal chart, they all fall in the 8th house, including the Sun which is out-of-sign in Sagittarius.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn and Pluto: Introduction. Jupiter conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn means things just got a lot more serious. A while ago I wrote 'Saturn conjunct Pluto Transits in Capricorn: A User's Guide' which gave a house by house breakdown of the effects of this powerful conjunction of two of the zodiac's big hitters as they transit your birth chart.
haha this is amazing. okay soooo namjoon has his sun and mercury in the 10th house, the most public part of someone's chart, also the house of authority and responsibility, so right off the bat you can tell namjoon is a really responsible leader and has a great sense of charm while doing so because of his sun there he also has saturn in the 3rd house, giving him further attention to what he ...
Transit Venus in 8th House. When Venus transits through your eighth house, it is possible that an extraordinary business opportunity arises through social interaction. You have an increase in sexuality. You may meet someone through social commitments that have to do with business. There is also the possibility that your artistic, social or ...
The Sixth House: The House of Health. The Sixth House is commonly referred to as the House of Health. Implicit in maintaining good health is the ability to cope in the face of adversity, and this theme rings truest in the Sixth House. As human beings, we naturally have shortcomings.
Rahu in 8th House: Rahu is the giver of intuition and sudden inspiration.This usually gives ideas in flashes, perhaps this idea if given a meaningful track, and you put a lot of effort, then it will surely give success.. But if there is cloudiness in your thoughts, then the idea will behave like a 'smoke'.It will create confusion, in front of you.
The 8th house is A LOT more than sex and money from others. You need to start digging into it, go further with the meaning of this words and how exactly all this impacts in your persona and your life. I can tell you one 'good' thing about having a 8th house stellium is that you're probably very sensitive to energies.
Let's say his Sun (ego) falls in your 1st House. His solar energy acts like a spotlight, bringing you out of yourself and boosting your confidence. The Sun person emphasizes the qualities of your AC. Being with him is like having the transiting Sun in your 1st House. Or, maybe his Jupiter (expansion and optimism) falls in your 1st House.
11th house stellium may like anime and fantasy movies. Mercury retrograde brings back old friends for you to reconnect with. It's also a bad time to lie about something big because it'll resurface later. Mercury retrograde brings back stuff from the past. Libra risings like to trend hop or are very into an aesthetic.
•A stellium in this house is more likely to have paranormal experiences •You're perceived as older than you are and you feel responsibility has been placed on your shoulders •May struggle with issues relating to the reproductive organs
Like you, I am a 9th house stellium but also i am a 5 planet stellium Libra. Mars/pluto 2 Libj sun 12 Lib then Uranus 18 Lib and Mercury 23 Lib, with my MC 0 Scorpio. I also have moon in 8th conjuct Pluto/mars. so my stellium really starts 22 Virgo and like a banjo covering a long space of time, alot of noise and disruption.
The 8th House, Virgo Stellium & Knowing the Truth Before You Do! March 14, 2012 / By Abella Arthur / In Astrology, Abella, Life Skills, Astrologers /. Receive a reading or consultation. I use astrology, tarot, numerology, psychic, and other tools to deliver a simply sensational session. I was chatting with a friend on Facebook and we got to ...
The 5th House in the Signs 5th House in Aries You need lots of physical activity in your free time, and prefer hobbies that keep you physically active. You enjoy your hobbies immensely, and need plenty of time to dedicate to them. You may prefer hobbies that you can pursue alone, without the help of anyone. In love, you like to take charge.